The Prestigious school in Sreemoolanagaram, Akavoor High School is situated near the sub-registar office and the West part of the Kanjoor Panchayat. It was founded by Sri.krishnan Namboothirippadu in 1946 on the basis of all over development of the village, more over It was the peak time of the reformations in Kerala especially in the field of education . Sri krishnan Namboothiri belonged to well known family Akavoor Mana . In history, we have heared the names Akavoor chatan, Rajakan, Agnihotri, Pakkanar, Perunthachan.. etc from the well known story of Parayipetta Panthirukulam.where the brothers from different cast belongs to a Singlefamily and lived together, which shows the tradition of Social harmony beyond the Cast discrimination . So the name of the school “Akavoor” related to Akavoor Mana and the Social harmony became the hall mark of the Institution.

Formerly ,the school was Sanskrit School and it upgraded to High school with the support of well wishers.
Since 1986 the administration of the School had been handed over to Gramaseva Samithi ,Aluva by Akavoor Mana. On this auspicious occasion of celebrating Diamond Jubilee of the school, we have enriched with around 600 pupils with high ethical values and a wonderful Involvement in Co – Curricular activities.

Akavoor school is the golden feather in the cap of Sreemoolanagaram Village. The School became more famous of so many well-known social figures like Sri.Sree moolanagaram Vijayan, Sri. Venmani Vishnu, Sri Edanad Rajan Nambiar,Sri Sreemoolanagaram Mohan..etc… Who were the alumni of Akavoor.
Now, a new Alumni Association is launched and is named as SAHOSA, which aims at the overaII development and welfare of the school…